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    Smart design and aesthetic values are our guidelines

  • 25+ years

    of hands-on experience in the field

  • Customized ITS solutions

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Grupa ZIR

We offer complete and in-depth approach to solving traffic engineering issues with the special emphasis on traffic lights. ZIR group consists of three companies that complement each other in the process of traffic lights coming into being. Starting from analysis and design, through delivery of traffic safety products and construction works, ending up with the surveillance and maintenance of traffic lights in the neighbouring cities.

Zaklad Inzynierii Ruchu

Company specializes in building and maintaining traffic lights as well as providing traffic lights equipment and traffic safety devices.

ZIR – Systemy Projektowe

The range of services includes infrastructure and traffic programs designs as well as other issues related to traffic engineering.

ZIR – Systemy Sterowania Ruchem

Company concerned with the delivery and programming traffic controllers, offers also traffic lights surveillance system and video detection.