Active traffic board

Active traffic board

Active traffic board is a product designed to increase pedestrians safety. Majority accidents on the roads, often involving children, are the result of drivers’ lack of concentration caused by physical and mental fatigue and excessive speed.

Active traffic board is an attempt to counteract these problems by drawing drivers’ attention to potentially hazardous section of the road like school crossing and inform them about excessive speed. Because of their unusual shape, pictures and displayed messages the boards will certainly catch drivers’ attention and appeal to their imagination. The positive motivation for slowing down then becomes possible – displayed messages are simple:
“Slow down!” – when vehicle is moving above set speed limit and
“Thank you!” – when driver has slowed down to required speed

Additional advantage of these devices is a possibility to record  the amount and the speed of passing vehicles, all these features are easily accessible via IR remote control. The devices should be installed in places demanding exceptional caution, particularly schools’ vicinities and pedestrian crossings used by disabled people.


Radar with two detection zones + storage unit


Variable Message Display

If the speed limit is observed, the driver receives a THANK YOU! in green, otherwise the words SLOW DOWN! show on red.


Pressure to achieve something in life, stress – these are notions determining our everyday life. Everything must be better and faster. Both at home as well as at work we do not spend too much time on consideration. Instead, we apply “bulldozer tactics”, thanks to which we gain an advantage and are the first ones to reach the finish line.

Unfortunately, the rules which are applied by the contemporary society are present also on our roads. Speed, even when sacrificing safety, is most important.


Speed limits, speed controls, speed tickets – these means steer nowadays traffic, unfortunately they are non-effective. Excessive speed is still the main reason of traffic accidents. Leniency for people who can handle traffic worse than we do decreases every moment. Children, elderly people and the disabled become innocent victims.The reason for these tragic accidents is not some ill will of drivers but a lack of concentration.

Thus, a positive motivation which would activate our cautiousness on the road is necessary.


Warning, protection, appeal – these are the factors which define innovative product – active traffic board – created having in mind establishing a dialogue with drivers. Praise and criticism: drivers oblivious of time pressure and stress reduce speed, with a profit for all traffic participants.

The main aims of messages on the boards are: warning against unintended violation of traffic regulations and protection of people on pedestrian crossings.

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