Pedestrian buttons ZIR I & ZIR II


LED confirmation


Touch sensor


Optional confirmation for disabled pedestrians

Pedestrian buttons

Our pedestrian buttons manage to combine sublime futuristic looks with sturdiness that can prove against common urban vandalism thanks to high quality polycarbonate material they are made of. Standard buttons have an optical confirmation of green light being called. Additionally we offer an option for the blind people with vibration at the bottom indicating green light for pedestrians.

Our pedestrian buttons work with every type of traffic controller available on the market.

The product retains its mechanical properties within the range of temperatures between -40°C and +125°C. Polycarbonate, a material the button is made of, has also high resistance to petrol, lubricants, hydrocarbons and other chemicals.

  • Compact design


  • Voltages

    230V, 110V, 40V, 24V and other on request

  • Types

    available as sensor or mechanical buttons

  • Customization

    available in any language

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