ZIRgard sidewalk barriers


Tiltable, adjustable and flexible joints.


Anchors for stable installation …

The joints are made of lightweight and durable aluminium, the connectors (pipes) are made of steel in three lengths – 50, 100 and 150 cm.

Sidewalk barriers

ZIRgard – a new product in the Polish market which significantly improves the quality and attractiveness of our closest environment. This ZIR branded product is featured by a versatile structure allowing the installation in any place, regardless of the local conditions and terrain shaping. Articulated joints incorporated in our barriers allow their installation in straight or curved sections, on flat, sloping or raising surfaces, as well as on stairs, without the cascade effect.

  • Finishing

    galvanised and powder painted yellow

  • Colour

    any RAL colour available at request

  • Installation

    mounted directly to the surface or on plates for surface installation with anchor bolts (extra charge)

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