ZIRslim MINI signal heads

As a repeater it is placed much closer and in line with driver’s sight level which greatly enhances comfort and safety for the traffic participants.

ZIRslim MINI  may also serve very useful function in parking and garage applications.

As more and more eco-friendly lifestyle spread across the world, bicycle becomes priority over other vehicles. Thus ZIRslim MINI is indispensable item on the signalised bicycle crossing in ever growing bicycle infrastructure.

ZIRslim MINI signal heads

We are proud to introduce the new little member in our well established ‘ZIR’ signal heads family.
It is only 100mm diameter wide and has this sleek ‘eye candy’ look but we put no less amount of energy to create this perfect construction than we did with the previous ones.

It is well thought-out, multi-purpose signal head that is best suited for special traffic applications, serving as a repeater of the classic signals at the intersections or a signal for bicycles.

  • unique design

  • revolutionary way of mounting the light source

  • polycarbonate housing of the highest quality

  • high impact, vibration and all-weather resistance

  • longevity of operation

  • structure that enables a quick replacement of particular elements as well as multi-assembly and disassembly

100mm (mini)
Number of aspects Dimensions
w x h x d [mm]
Material Assembly Available colours Temperature class Resistance Certified
1 134x134x110 UV stabilized polycarbonate Assembly to the pole with use of fixing screws. ■ RAL 9005
RAL 7032
RAL 6009
RAL 7001
RAL 1003
A, B and C in compliance with EN 12368 IR3 in compliance with EN 12368 according to EN 12368
2 134x257x110
3 134x380x110

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